About Us

JJ Electronics Assembly Company was founded in 1988 by Patrick Ho when he foresaw that subcontracting and OEM manufacturing had a need for his customers. Then Patrick was set up factory in Fuyun Shenzhen where the location was near the Shenzhen airport to do the subcontracting production for his customers in Toys and computers fields. Later on in 2008 has moved to present location at Shichong, Hengli, Dongguan to continue with subcontracting manufacturing business. In end of 2013 when Mr. David Lui joined JJ Electronics to start the marketing and sales for Timer, Thermostat, Dimmer and Remote Switch products. The thermostats and Timers soon became a key product and with these two products, launched JJ's vision of the Automated Home where "A home must be as efficient as it is attractive."

At JJ Electronics Assembly Company pride ourselves in manufacturing the latest trends in Home Automation with unsurpassed quality. Our ability to produce and create can be tailored to your needs. Continuous growth has also fueled our ability to constantly develop new technologies and new manufacturing processes that in turn drive the creation of new and better products for you!

JJ ELECTRONICS Assembly Company Management Team

Managing Director

Mr. Patrick Ho

Admistrition and Accountant in Hong Kong office

Ms. Rebacca Li (Partner)

Sales and Marketing Manager

Mr. David Lui

Our Principles

Although JJ Electronics has grown substantially over the last 3 decades, the company still abides by following these key original principles:

  • Quality is the responsibility of every employee
  • We train our staff rigorously, mindful that the ultimate goal is achieving total customer satisfaction
  • We are extremely sensitive to market trends and our R/D is always at the forefront of designing new products
  • To strive to be the best home automation and security manufacturer

Providing Value

Whether you are a homeowner seeking to automate the appearance or atmosphere of your home, or a purchasing manager looking to provide better lighting while reducing energy-related costs to your business, JJ Electronics can offer you the best value in lighting and energy control solutions.

Economies of Scale

Our complete line of lighting control solutions for residences as well as for business is fully integrated and manufactured with significant economies of scale in China. We provide sales and services worldwide; including North America, Asia and Europe.

Company Timeline

  • Headquarter was founded at the beginning of 1994, Hong Kong
  • Manufacturing plant in Fuyun Shenzhen was built at the end of 1994
  • Manufacturing plant was moved from Shenzhen to Dongguan in May, 2008
  • Today, our workshop area is more than 3,000 square meters
  • Today, we employ over 200 staff
  • We became an ISO 9001 cwerified manufacturer in 2014

Quality Systems

  • ISO9001 (2000 version) April 2014